Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to clueless crosswords, or if you just have a few questions about how things work on this site, the following FAQs should help you out. If you have any questions which aren't covered here, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

What is a Clueless Crossword?

A clueless crossword is in many ways very similar to a regular crossword. It consists of a grid of black and white squares, and the player must enter valid words or terms into the white squares so that all words going across and down are valid. Unlike a regular crossword, there are no clues for each word. To fill in the grid, you must associate each number on the grid with the letter it represents - all 3's, for example, might be E's, and all 12's might be T's.

Using the answer key grid at the top right of each playing page, enter in the three letter/number combinations given to you at the beginning of each puzzle. All squares with those numbers will then automatically fill in with those letters in the grid. From there you must use pattern recognition and (if you like) trial and error, until you've completely filled in the grid.

Each letter is associated with one and only one number, so once it is used in the grid, you will know it will never be used again. An alphabet is provided at the bottom of your answer key to help you keep track of which letters have and have not yet been used.

How many puzzles are available on

We currently have a database containing more than 25.000 unique puzzles, with more being added every month.

What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Unregistered (guest) players have a "Need a hint?" button available on all games, which will (a) check your current letters for errors and (b) provide a single number/letter pair solution to help get you past any blocks. Hints are not available for registered, competitive players, in order to keep the competitions fair.

How do I add an avatar to my account?

All players are welcome to add an avatar to their account, simply by clicking the default blue-and-white image at the top-right of every page (when you're logged in), or you can click here. This will take you to a library of available avatar images which you can use and swap-out anytime you like. If you prefer to upload your own personal avatar, you may do so by clicking "Settings" at the top right, then "Edit Avatar".

Your avatar image will appear whenever you're logged in, and other players will be able to see it in the chat room, on your profile page, on the forum, and whenever you break a new record time.

Can I print these puzzles?

If you find you actually prefer to print your puzzles and solve with pencil and paper, you may want to visit our sister site, We make new puzzles available each morning, complete with online hints and solutions for each puzzle.

I work for a newspaper or magazine. Can we syndicate your puzzles?

We offer an affordable subscription service for publishers who want a steady supply of puzzles for their print publications. Each puzzle is guaranteed to be unique, and can be provided on a regular schedule via email, CD-Rom, or through paper post depending on preference. Please contact us for more information.

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